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Government Of Assam Department of Welfare of Plain Tribes & Backward Classes Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes

Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes

About Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Assam:

The Directorate of Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Assam was established in the year 1989 under the administrative control of the Deptt. of Welfare of Plain Tribes And Backward Classes. Prior to establishment of this Directorate, all schemes for welfare of S.C were dealt by the Directorate of WPT&BC, Assam.According to 2011 census, the total SC population of Assam is 2231321.The primary focus of the Directorate of Welfare of S.C is to accelerate all round development of S.C people and Govt. has taken a large number of initiatives in this regard with a thrust on educational and economic development, particularly self-employment programme through Vocational training in various trades, Family Oriented Income Generating Scheme (FOIG), poverty alleviation programme, infrastructure development in S.C pre-dominant areas and other basic needs of S.C people through certain Centrally Sponsored Schemes. As this Directorate has District or Sub-Divisional level set-up, schemes are implemented through the Sub-Divisional Scheduled Castes Develoment Board. The Sub-Divisional Development Board is set-up in each Sub-Division of plain Districts of Assam and attached to the Sub-Divisional Welfare Offices. The Pre-matric scholarship and grants-in-aid schemes and FOIG scheme of this Directorate are being implemented through the Sub-Divisional Welfare Offices while the Post- Matric Scholarships are being distributed through the Project Director, ITDPs. The Project Director, ITDP and Sub- Divisional Welfare Officer are under the administrative control of the Directorate of WPT & BC.

List Of Officers
1. Shri Deba Kumar Kalita , A.C.S Director
2.   Deputy Director
3. Sri Troilokya Das Finance & Accounts Officer
4. Sri S. K. Bora Research Officer
5. Sri Ashok Roy Assistant Research Officer
6. Sri G.K.Sarkar Superintendent
7   Research Assistant
8. Sri Jagadish Das Research Assistant
The Directorates of Welfare of SC, Assam since 1989
Name From To
Sri. P.K Das, A.C.S 27-07-89 16-08-91
Sri. A. Sengupta, A.C.S 16-08-91 02-11-91
Sri .B. Bhattacharjee, A.C.S 02-11-91 10-06-93
Nawab A. Hussain, A.C.S 10-06-93 19-05-94
Sri. K.N. Buragohain, A.C.S 19-05-94 26-08-97
Mrs. S. Boruah, A.C.S 26-08-97 04-09-97(F.N)
Sri. K.K. Hazarika, I.A.S 04-09-97(F.N) 03-11-97(F.N)
Sri. B.N. Mahanta, A.C.S 03-11-97(F.N) 30-07-99
Sri. R. Zaman, A.C.S 30-07-99 06-08-01
Sri. A.R. Laskar, A.C.S 06-08-01 31-03-02
Sri. D. Choudhury, A.C.S 31-03-02(A.N) 03-04-02(F.N)
Sri. A.K. Baruah, A.C.S 03-04-02(F.N) 24-02-04
Sri. Indra Mohan Das, A.C.S 24-02-04 04-08-08
Sr.iKamalason Goswami, A.C.S 04-08-04 01-01-2010
Smti. MadhuchandaTalukdar, A.C.S(In-Charge) 01-01-2010 04-01-2010
Smti. Manjushree Das, A.C.S 04-01-2010 27-04-2010
Smti. SadhanaHojai, A.C.S 27-04-2010 24-02-2014
Sri. ThaneswarMalakar, A.C.S 24-02-2014 29-10-2014
Sri. Binit Kr. Saikia, A.C.S 29-01-2015